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Selection Process

Online Application

The preliminary stage when applying for a UWC scholarship is an online application. This application provides the selection committees with a brief overview of the student, their current interests and activities, and requires the candidate to write essays on why they should be awarded a place and/or scholarship to a UWC.

Begin your online application now by going to  "APPLY NOW" tab:

Interview and/or Group Activities

Students who have been selected to attend the group activities and interviews will be notified within about two weeks after the deadline for written applications.

The second stage of the application process will see the shortlisted candidates attend a group activity session, where the students will participate in both team and individual activities. The purpose of these activities is to gain a better understanding of the candidates and how they interact and participate with other students.

There is also a formal interview component of this second stage, in which the candidates will sit before a panel of UWC alumni and parents.

School and College notification

Once the candidates and their family have formally accepted the position offered, the candidates will be put forward to each of the respective schools and colleges as the Filipino candidate. Final notification is required by the schools and colleges on the 1st of April.