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Life after UWC

Filipino graduates from UWCs are now living in all parts of the world. Some returned home to continue further studies. Those based in the Philippines are now in well-established positions with the government, academe, business, and the religious sector. More than 50 percent are pursuing further studies in North America or are working to acquire necessary skills to make a significant contribution to our society whether in the Philippines or on a global scale.

As goodwill ambassadors from the Philippines, our graduates have performed well in all their undertakings. They come from a variety of backgrounds and regions of the Philippines and they have chosen a wide range of careers and professional interests such as:

  • Academe: Fr. Bobby Yap, Devi Ignacio-Paez
  • Applied Sciences: Rosanele Romero
  • Arts: Patty Eustaquio, Rommel Kahiwat, Christine Romero, Diego Maranan, Nicole Severino
  • Aviation: Tess Hocson
  • Business and Banking: Iggy Sison, Fritz Ocampo, Allan Goco, Pilar Baltazar, Magel Alcantar
  • Corporate Affairs: Jennifer Perez
  • Foreign Affairs: Tessie Cruz-Daza
  • Information Technology: Gio Bacareza, Philip Ricafort
  • International Development: Gillian Virata
  • Law: Myra Angie Gallardo-Batungbakal
  • Medicine: Eric Legaspi and Mae Paulino+
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Analisa Balares, Tanya Aritao